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Real-time News Monitoring

Newsmeter is an online global news tracker service with an award-winning indexing technology. Our platform traces all the global news resources around the world continuously.

Our platform has the capability to gather all published news together and generates detailed reports on topics that interest you by analyzing these news articles.

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Keep track of online news about your company, competitors, and industry

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Geographical, trend and competitor analysis of the world news

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Instantly generate customized reports in multiple formats

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Receive speedy, and accurate news articles with award-winning technology

Receive Accurate News Articles with Award Winning Technology

With its award-winning technology, our platform indexes 20,000 news platforms in 5 minute intervals, and processes an average of 150-200 thousand news articles daily. Newsmeter provides a top-notch service to professionals who need to keep track of global news.

Instantly Generate Customized Reports

Newsmeter lets you generate detailed reports on news about your company, competitors, and industry, as well as on topics that interest you. Instantly get your daily and monthly reports based on the topic, source domain, and location information of the news articles.

Real-time Email Alerts

Keep track of online news about your company, competitors, and industry. Get instant notifications right after a news story about your pre-determined topics is published.
Customizable Rich Search Results
Newsmeter lets you search news articles within the last 30 day period, and filter them according to their main features such as domain, keyword, news source information. You can access the immense archive to search for any new topic, and analyze on demand.
Competitor & Trend Analysis Between Terms
Get instant reports about competing terms and discover the big picture with trend analysis.
Geographical Analysis of the World News
Explore all the news about your pre-determined topics published over the last 30 days. The user-friendly interface allows easy navigation between news articles, the most popular platforms and other mediums. Save time while scanning the articles with your pre-determined terms highlighted within the article.